Toyota Hybrid

Toyota Hybrid: Redefining Your Drive at Granville Toyota

Introduction: Elevate Your Driving Experience

Freedom to Move

A Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) gives you the freedom to drive as you always have, while simultaneously reducing fuel costs and emissions. With a seamless fusion of two power sources and no need for plugging in, the HEV invites you to simply enjoy the ride.

Comparative to an equivalent conventionally gas-powered vehicle.

Benefits: Unleash Efficiency and Performance

Electrify Your Ride

Toyota Hybrids offer better performance, lower operational costs, and a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a package that leaves no room for compromise.

Get In and Go

Hybrid electric powertrains work silently in the background, requiring no changes to your driving habits or refueling routine.

Go the Distance

The hybrid battery recharges while you drive, giving you the added confidence to reach your destination without the need to plug in.

Quick & Quiet

Experience instant torque for immediate acceleration and a remarkably tranquil ride, courtesy of the electric motors.

Help Reduce Fuel Costs and Emissions

Depending on your driving habits, enjoy periods of zero-fuel, zero-emissions driving.

No Additional Routine Maintenance

Toyota hybrid electric vehicles adhere to the same maintenance schedule as our gas-powered vehicles.

Part of the Solution

Since 1997, electrified Toyota vehicles have prevented over 94 million tons of CO2 emissions globally.

How It Works: Unveiling the Power

Powerful & Proven

Toyota HEVs elegantly merge a gas engine with electric motors, automatically selecting the optimal power source mix. The hybrid battery recharges on the go through regenerative braking, eliminating the need to plug in.

  • Starting Up: In most conditions, only the electric motor is engaged, saving fuel and delivering instant torque with minimal emissions.
  • Accelerating & Cruising: The gas engine and electric motor collaborate for seamless acceleration. Excess energy helps recharge the battery.
  • Decelerating & Braking: The electric motor takes over during deceleration, converting braking energy into electric power to recharge the battery.
  • Resting & Reversing: When stopped, the gas engine shuts down to conserve fuel. When reversing at low speed, only the electric motor is required.

Models: Your Ideal Hybrid Awaits

From compact sedans to full-size pickups, our range of electrified vehicles is tailored to power your lifestyle.

Explore our Toyota Hybrid Models:

  • 2024 PRIUS
  • 2024 CROWN
  • 2024 RAV4 HYBRID
  • 2024 VENZA
  • 2024 SIENNA
  • 2024 SEQUOIA

Warranty: Quality Assurance

Toyota hybrid electric vehicles are built with the same dedication to quality you expect from Toyota. They come with the same basic warranty as every Toyota vehicle, backed up with additional Limited Warranty Coverages.

  • 8 YEAR / 160,000 KM Hybrid Component Warranty
  • 10 YEAR / 240,000 KM Hybrid Battery Warranty

Unlock a new era of efficiency and performance with Toyota Hybrid at Granville Toyota. Contact us today to explore our range of electrified vehicles and schedule your test drive. Embrace efficiency without compromise.


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