Toyota Electric Vehicles

Toyota Electric Vehicles: Leading the Charge at Granville Toyota

Introduction: Powering Your Drive into the Future

Battery Electric

Experience the thrill of instant acceleration, the tranquility of quiet operation, and the promise of emissions-free travel with a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). Toyota’s bZ4X is the epitome of our electrification journey, offering mobility solutions infused with intelligence and intuition.

Benefits: Unleashing the Potential of BEVs

Reduce Your Footprint. Electrify Your Ride

  • Quick, Smooth & Quiet: Instant torque means immediate acceleration, delivering an exceptionally smooth drive. Without a transmission and gears, the experience is remarkably quiet.
  • Electric-Only Range: Modern BEVs like Toyota’s bZ4X can travel further than you might think, with an estimated range of up to 406km for front-wheel drive models on a full charge. Plus, with over 5,000 public charging stations nationwide, recharging is convenient.
  • Emissions-Free Driving: By going fully electric, you’re reducing CO2 emissions and lessening your environmental impact.
  • Save on Fuel Costs: Electricity costs less than gas. The savings can be even greater if you recharge during off-peak hours.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: Say goodbye to oil changes. With fewer mechanical parts, BEVs like bZ4X can lead to lower ownership costs, including service and maintenance.
  • Incentives: The federal government’s iZEV program offers incentives of up to $5,000 for the purchase of a zero-emission vehicle.

How BEV Works: Powering Progress

All Electric. All the Time

BEVs are propelled by a large battery pack and high-output electric motors, replacing the internal combustion engine. Since they run solely on electricity, BEVs produce no exhaust from the tailpipe. Regenerative braking helps recharge the battery as you drive, but a full charge is achieved by plugging into a wall outlet or charging equipment.

Charging: Energizing Your Journey

Power Up for Peak Performance

Charging a BEV is a breeze. Whether at home, work, or a public station, simply plug it in. Charging times vary based on whether you’re using Level 1, 2, or 3 charging.

  • Level 1: Standard: Charge with a standard 120-volt AC wall socket. It’s the slowest method but often the most convenient, requiring no special equipment.
  • Level 2: Faster: A 240-volt AC outlet can cut charging times in half. Install one at home or use any Level 2 public station.
  • Level 3: Fastest: Direct Current (DC) Chargers (480V+) are the speediest option. Canada boasts over 5,000 public charging stations, including 500 Level 3 fast chargers.

Models: Elevate Your Drive with bZ4X

Loaded with cutting-edge technology, the Toyota bZ4X is a zero-emission vehicle that combines an exhilarating drive with SUV capability.

  • 2023 bZ4X:

Warranty: Quality Assurance

The Toyota bZ4X is covered by the same basic warranty as every Toyota vehicle, supplemented with additional Limited Warranty Coverages.

  • 8-Year / 160,000 KM Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Components Coverage*
  • 8-Year / 160,000 KM Electric Vehicle Battery Warranty*

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