From Start to 60 Months - here's what to expect

Welcome Toyota owners! At Granville Toyota, we are committed to ensuring that your Toyota remains in pristine condition. Here’s a breakdown of your journey with us, ensuring your vehicle remains as vibrant and efficient as the day you bought it.

Your Maintenance Map: Every 6 Months or 8,000 km

Our Toyota experts emphasize the importance of regular check-ups every 6 months or 8,000 km, whichever comes first. By sticking to this routine, you’re not just preserving the value of your car, but also saving on big repair bills in the long run.

Quick tip: Mark your calendar! A 6-monthly reminder can be a handy way to keep track.

First Stop - 6 Months or 8,000 km

The beginning of your service journey! Here's what our Toyota University Trained Technicians will do:

  • Check your vehicle’s health post the initial ownership months
  • Visual brake inspection for wear or damage
  • Tire rotation or seasonal change-over
  • Tire health assessment including tread depth
  • Fluid and coolant level checks
  • Cabin and engine air filter inspection


One Year Mark - 12 Months or 16,000 km

Congratulations on your one-year milestone! Along with the 6-month checklist, we’ll replace your engine oil and filter for optimal engine health.

Midway Point - 18 Months or 24,000 km

Just like our 6-month visits, our technicians will follow the same checklist, ensuring your Toyota remains in top shape.

Two Years In - 24 Months or 32,000 km

By maintaining a regular schedule, your Toyota is still as dreamy as ever. This time, besides our standard checks, we will:

  • Examine brakes more intensively
  • Service the 12-volt battery and check the electrical system
  • Monitor valve clearances for any irregularities
  • Assess steering gear, linkage, shock absorbers, ball joints, and dust covers

The Long Haul - 60 Months or 80,000 km

With regular visits, your Toyota still feels brand new. At this point, we recommend a Toyota Combustion and Electronic Fuel Injector System Cleaner Service for gasoline engines to optimize fuel efficiency.

Did You Know? We only use Toyota Genuine Parts specifically crafted for your vehicle.

Seasonal Must-Haves

Certain parts and services are season specific:
Toyota Air Conditioning Refresher Service: Ideal during cabin air filter replacements or as summer begins or ends.

Toyota Touch Cleaning and Detailing: To keep your Toyota looking its best.

Winter Safety Tips:
Switch to Toyota Winter Wiper Blades during winter tire changes.
Swap over to winter tires when daily temperatures drop below 7 ºC. Use our Tire Selector to find the best fit.

Time to Schedule Your Service!

Armed with this information, gear up for your next service visit. Adhering to the regular maintenance schedule ensures peak performance for all your journeys. Our Toyota professionals are always here to assist. Questions? Reach out! We're always eager to help our Toyota family.