Winter Driving 101: Your Guide to Safe Travels on Snowy Roads

Winter’s wonderland can be both mesmerizing and challenging for drivers. Ensuring you and your passengers remain safe during the colder months is a must. Here’s a curated list of winter driving tips straight from the experts at Granville Toyota.

1. The Great Tire Debate: Winter vs. All Season
Your choice of tires is paramount. Winter tires, with their unique tread design, are specifically crafted to tackle both the snow and plummeting temperatures. Contrary to their name, all-season tires might not be the best fit for the severe Canadian winters. In fact, provinces like Quebec and British Columbia have mandated the use of winter tires for certain periods, making them not just a good idea, but a legal necessity in some areas.

2. Prepare for the Unexpected: The Essential Winter Car Kit
Unpredictable winter events can leave you stranded. Equip your trunk with a few essentials: a blanket, small shovel, granola bars, flashlight, whistle, first aid kit, reflective pylons, matches, lighter, phone charger, jumper cables, snow brush with ice scraper, and last but not least, your Roadside Assistance details.

3. Distance Matters
That 2-second distance rule between vehicles? Make it longer in winter. Snowy and icy conditions can be treacherous, and you’ll need that extra buffer to stay safe.

4. Say No to Cruise Control
Though cruise control is fantastic on a sunny day with a clear road, it’s a potential risk during winter. Maintain manual control to quickly adapt to changing road conditions.

5. Snowplow Etiquette
These large vehicles play a crucial role in keeping the roads clear. Maintain a greater distance behind them, avoid overtaking, and ensure you’re aware of your surroundings to prevent getting snowed in.

6. Maintenance is Key
A regular check-up every 6 months or after 8,000 km is recommended by our Toyota University Trained Technicians. And with the Toyota Service Connect through the Toyota App, monitoring your vehicle’s health has never been easier.

7. Fuel up!
Keep your gas tank at least half full to avoid water condensation, which can freeze and hamper your engine’s performance.

8. Visibility First: Upgrade Your Wipers
Toyota Genuine Winter Wiper Blades are designed specifically for winter challenges, ensuring a clear view ahead. Before starting your journey, always clear off accumulated snow and ice from your windshield.

9. The Assurance of Roadside Assistance
Unexpected things happen. Toyota Roadside Assistance has got you covered, from battery boosts to winching out of a snowbank. New Toyota owners enjoy a complimentary 3-year coverage.

10. Know When to Pull Over
If the snowstorm intensifies, it’s okay to pause and wait it out. Always prioritize safety over punctuality.

Embrace the Winter Adventure!
From ice-skating rinks to serene snow-covered landscapes, winter offers a unique charm. As you set out to make memories, let these safety measures guide you. From all of us at Granville Toyota, enjoy the magic of the season and drive safely! 🚗❄️🌨️